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301023 - Advanced Thermal and Fluid Engineering

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Project 1Unit Number: 301023Unit Name: Advanced Thermal and Fluid EngineeringInstruction? Students will develop CFD programs to solve simple problems in this project.? There are two parts in this project, each student needs to complete the work assigned in eachpart and submit a written report.? The report must be in the format of Miscrosft Word file and submitted through vUWS.Reports in hard copy will not be accepted.Note:PlagiarismPlagiarism is absolutely unacceptable. If plagiarism is suspected to be involved in a report, it will be reported to theschool for further investigation.Late submission- Submitting the report late due to your own internet connection problem will be treated as late submission without avalid reason. To avoid delay, you need to submit the report well before the due

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This project deals with computational fluid dynamics analysis with the help of MATLAB. There are two parts one is composed of energy production from damping and the second one is the analysis of heat transfer in soil. Computational methods are used to analyze the governing equations and the governing equations are converted into algebraic form. The analysis field is divided into nodes and initial as well as boundary conditions are applied in the numeric forms of governing equations. The stability conditions are considered and thereby implicit equations are used rather than explicit conditions. The objective of this project is to understand the numerical methods and its importance in differential equations. Complicated differential equations are simply converted into algebraic forms using numerical methods and the system isanalyzed with the help of software tool.  The CFD analysis is not just the flow of fluid, it also involves the heat transfer analysis. It became so much important nowadays that without CFD the analysis of complicated parts is impossible or it will become time-consuming. This project helps to learn how governing equations are formed and the methods to use the Matlab codescorrespond to the governing equations. Two tasks in this project use two different governing equations. Task 1 is deals with the newtons law of motion and task 2 is dealing with the heat transfer conduction equation. Matlab is a software tool can

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