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The Effect of Monopolies on Australian market

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Word count: 2000 to 2500 wordsmy topic is : The Effect of Monopolies on Australian marketand please give some examples if you find any company then you can add it related to monopoliesand one thing references need to be in Harvard referencing

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The success of any business organization in the industry that it is involved in is heavily dependent on the fact that how well the firm is able to understand the different aspects of the industry or the market. If any firm is able to adapt effectively to the different situations of the market and serve the consumer market according to its demand, then it is obvious that the firm can guarantee itself a large share of the consumer market (Serra, 2017). However, there is a lot of effort that is needed for this dominance in the market and the following study will contain the discussions regarding how research can be done into the matter of monopoly effect on the Australian market.

Project Objective

The project or research that will be done on the topic mentioned in the previous paragraph can contain the following objectives.

  • To recognize what aspects of organizations contribute to them being a part of the monopoly.
  • To understand the effects of monopolies on the Australian market
  • To suggest ways to counteract the adverse effects of monopolies on the Australian market

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