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Have to take  "impact of us trade war on economic growth" as topic of the assignment   Also sharing the link of the requirement files.  

ASSESSMENT     Assessment Task-      Component 2 (50%)  word count -1500 words     Explain is what meant by the term ‘nudge’ as far as government policy is concerned   Knowledge Demonstrate an understanding of the principles of behavioural economics, from both a theoretical and applied perspective Understand the main models

Assessment   Assessment Component 1: Individual Report, (PART 1 2000 words max) (weighting 70%) Assignment Instructions     For this coursework students must use the World Bank or IMF/IFS database. Each student will choose a specific country for this coursework and must therefore work with the relevant data set.Please include tables, charts and graphs where app

Assignment BEO6600 Business Economics T1 2020 This assignment is to be completed in groups of three or four members and submitted via VU collaborate. Please answer all parts and questions. Assignment Weight: 30% (Maximum 3000 words) Structure of Assignment 1. Cover Sheet (next page) properly completed. 2. Assessment Declaration (signed by all group members) 3. Report in Word format (pdf format wil

Component 2: This assessment will be agroup portfolio of 2,000 words reportThe assessments will be completed during the duration of the module in term 2.Details of the task:For this assignment, you are tasked with constructing a forecasting model of your chosen country’s(MY COUNTRY IS GHANA)saving behavior using the VAR/VECM approach. You will use your model to assess whether or not there

Assessment ( The dissertation should be on “how does innovation within hospitality changes the way we work and how does it affect the UK economy?”)   9,000 word dissertation     Introduction   Welcome to the EC6004 Dissertation assessment handbook. Please read this assessment guide carefully and familiarise yourself with all the information

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